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Auto Data

U.S. Auto Owners 153 Million Individuals.

M1 Data is building the largest and most accurate U.S. Auto owner database from factual-only sources
(DPPA compliant as amended by the Shelby Act)

Auto Data

M1 Data’s Auto Data is built using a rigorous corroborating record technique. It is fed new data weekly to every 90 days (depending on the source). 

Sources feeding data include: 
Point of Sale and Service, Online Insurance Quotes, Warranty Companies, Aftermarket Repair Companies, Major Car Clubs of America. 

Hygiene is an ongoing everyday process. Every record is corroborated from two separate sources to be included in our database. A 3rd record must be received within a 10-month period to verify owner information.

Year • Make • Model • Odometer Reading • Purchase Date • VIN • Class Codes • Style Codes • Fuel Type • Number of Vehicles • Auto Service History/Purchase • Loan/Warranty • Name • Address • Age/DOB • Income • Gender • Homeowner/Renter • Presence of Children • Ethnicity • Marital Status, etc • Net worth • Average Length of Residence • And many other lifestyle, demographic and auto owner/service characteristics
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