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Email Data

Because of the growth and evolution of the medium, it takes a company exceptionally knowledgeable about email broadcasts and email delivery to get your message to your recipient. At M1 Data, our proprietary Email-MC Email Management console is our custom built hi-speed email delivery system.  Read More

Postal Data

Additionally, M1 Data offers PCOA - (Progressive Change of Address) to prevent you from missing entire categories of customers, who frequently move without reporting a change of address. Read More

Auto Data

M1 Data’s Auto Data is built using a rigorous corroborating record technique. It is fed new data weekly to every 90 days (depending on the source). 

Sources feeding data include: 
Point of Sale and Service, Online Insurance Quotes, Warranty Companies, Aftermarket Repair Companies, Major Car Clubs of America.  Read More

Let us do the hard work.

You can have the right marketing tools at your fingertips, time and time again!
Count on us for all your postal, email, phone, cell/sms data, email broadcast, creative, database and appending needs.
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